John Scott G is a self-confessed scripturient. (That’s someone with a passionate and burning desire to write. Or maybe it’s someone who likes to have sex on top of bibles.)

He has written songs with Merle Haggard, Jonny Harmonic, Scott Joss, Doug Colosio, Danielle Egnew, James Sotelo, DJ Insane, and others.

Under the pen name ‘Gerald Laurence,’ he wrote the screenplay to Final Approach (Trimark Pictures 1992), the self-help book The Ego Diet (Oak Tree Press, 1987) and the novel One Bang-Up Job (Berkley Books, 1989).

He is currently a full-time author living a secret life somewhere in the Southern California area.

Photo of John Scott G

John Scott tests the mic by saying, "G, Man."

Photo of John Scott G

Then he turns to you and says, "Hiya!"

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