With a soul as ugly as his mug, John Scott G gleefully mocks everything you hold dear. You can experience this outrage by reading the stories on this site.

In addition to his twisted tales, JSG has written songs with Merle Haggard, Scott Joss, Doug Colosio, Danielle Egnew, James Sotelo, DJ Insane, and others.

Under the pen name ‘Gerald Laurence,’ he wrote the private eye novel One Bang-Up Job (Berkley Books), the weight loss self-help book The Ego Diet (Oak Tree Press), and the good parts of the screenplay to Final Approach (Trimark Pictures).

He claims to be a full-time author and offers this as proof: “I mainline caffeine, I disparage everyone who is not me, and I write at least two or three sentences every day whether the words are spelled correctly or not.”

Photo of John Scott G
Photo of John Scott G
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