Incantations, spells, and jinxes. Curses, conundrums, and calamities. Twisted tales for the doomed and the damned.


Magic realism or magic made real? These bizarre events could not possibly happen. Not here on earth. Or could they?

Abnormality title page

Egos clash, anarchists attack, and money flows like water during the craziest concert production anyone has ever seen.

Fook title Page

Serial killer Joe Fook reveals secrets of his career. Watch him murder dozens of conservatives and other human waste.

The world’s heaviest rock band. See how two mad geniuses blended Bach & bombast, Puccini & pandemonium, Mozart & mayhem.

To See With The Eyes Of God_ TitlePage

An animatronic pastor, a political expert from outer space, and teens high on ‘shrooms in a novel of magic realism.

A three-person detective agency investigates an extortion scheme and finds they must battle a crime syndicate.

Four friends, their dreams, their life choices, and their loves. Oh, almost forgot—there are also a couple of murders.

The Epistemology Of Ecstasy Title Page

Sex. Bondage. Discipline. Orgasms. JSG, writing as VSR, creates an homage to the “good parts” of The Story of O.

Lucifer’s son on Earth! Result: temptation, tumult, titillation, and terror. Plus: you learn what happens after death.


Adam Truman is charming, but he’s putting a truth serum in the water supply, making him the world’s most dangerous man.


You’ll visit two dozen comedy clubs across America to enjoy calculated craziness that will make you laugh and squirm.


Ian has HPC, and can see through the eyes of others. Working on a case, he sees himself being stalked by the murderer.


Cheryl Price is smart and ruthless as she hacks into bank computer systems to transfer millions to her account.


Short stories about odd, seedy, and comical areas of America. And yes, the part about the panties could be true.


Fantasies, multiple escapes from death, and the final acceptance of one’s place in the universe. Plus, it’s a comedy.

Short stories about love, commitment, righteous homicide, and the Pentagon’s invention of the ultimate weapon.

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