Secret Sex
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Written & Lived by John Scott G
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Excerpt from Chapter One:
Much like you, I came into this world unable to type. That skill was acquired later, allowing me to take part in the highly-paid “word nerd” thing enjoyed by swanky novelists, playwrights, poets, bloggers, and writers of auto dealership advertising.

But on that crisp November day, it was just another unskilled baby being born. “He’s so beautiful!” said the mother. “He’s a bit prune-ish, isn’t he?” asked the father. “And I’ll bet he can’t type worth a damn.” They were both calling it as they saw it.

A local news feature known as The Oddity File put it this way: “There were a dozen births at Madisonville Memorial Hospital yesterday: eleven girls and one boy. Now there’s a guy who already has the knack for getting involved with the opposite sex.”

Of course, I had already been involved with a member of the opposite sex. Rather intimately involved, in fact, for nine months. Setting that aside, it is true that when you go looking for John Scott G you just have to look for the ladies and that’s where you’ll find me. Not dating any of them. Just, you know, hanging around, pretending to be a photographer, artist, musician, designer, videographer, and so forth. Anything except a writer, which takes actual work.

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John Scott G photographed by Meredith Day

That's the beginning of "Secret Sex,"
the autobiographical novel
being published on eNewsChannels.
It'll be one chapter each weekend.
Here's a link to Chapter One:

"Secret Sex" Chapter 1
on eNewsChannels

The scenes people ask about the most:
The Nurse is in Chapter 2
The Game is in Chapter 11
The Pledge is in Chapter 13
The Principal's Speech is in Chapter 15
The Art of M is in Chapter 17
The Vengeful God is in Chapter 18
The 'War & Peace' Book Report is in Chapter 20
(so are Kathy Griffin & Ryan Seacrest)
The Bible Lesson is in Chapter 22
The Classical Musicians are in Chapter 23
The First kiss is in Chapter 26

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John Scott G

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