Secret Sex



Chapter 1
"Your Place in the Universe"
A mosquito bite, and the contagion
that should have killed me

Chapter 2
"Open Wide and Say Ahhh"

Fun in the nurse's office

Chapter 3
"Ten Least-Wanted List"

Fun with one of the world's
ten dreaded diseases

Chapter 4
"Ooh, That's a Big One"

Needle, that is.

Chapter 5
"Beautiful Downtown Nowhere"

Building a city near
nuclear reactors

Chapter 6
"Mr. Radioactivity is Your Friend"

Pay no attention to the clicking
of that Geiger counter.

Chapter 7
"In Security"

Show us your papers, please.

Chapter 8
"Don't Look, Don't Count"

There is no radiation leakage.
Move along, nothing to see here.

Chapter 9
"Playing in the Poison"

It's a gas, gas, gas.

Chapter 10
"Boss Angeles"

Wish they all could be
California girls.

Chapter 11
"Get On the Bus"

Watch how the boy and the girl
play The Game.

Chapter 12
"Numbers Game"

Men don't know what women want
because women don't know either.

Chapter 13
"Hi, School"

Perverting the Pledge and
other deviant acts.

Chapter 14
"Backstage Pass"

How I became a lesbian.
Oops, I mean thespian.

Chapter 15
"Switch On, Switch Off"

Screwing with the high school principal.

Chapter 16
"Behind the Screen"

Prudes beware: here's yet
another turn-on scene.

Chapter 17
"Secret Sex"

Contains the controversial 'Art of M'
section (that would be masturbation,
as if you didn't know)

Chapter 18
"Vengeful God"

He/She/It is gonna gitcha.

Chapter 19
"Cheating Death"

Arrow through my hair
(back when I had flowing locks)

Chapter 20
"Road Trips and Book Reports"

Kathy Griffin & Ryan Seacrest make
a special appearance. And there's
a book report on 'War & Peace.'

Chapter 21
"Show and Tell"

Stealing Bibles from motels.

Chapter 22
"To Teach, One Must Know"

I've had 5 good teachers in
21 years of going to school.

Chapter 23
"Mouthing Off"

Fake radio talk show nonsense.

Chapter 24
"Cheating Death in Cars, 1"

Crawling from the wreckage.

Chapter 25
"Dating Tips"

Advice you can use. Or not.

Chapter 26
"A First Kiss"

Bliss. Kind of.

Chapter 27
"College Daze"

High times, indeed.

Chapter 28
"Dazed and Amused"

Higher times.

Chapter 29
"What Do You Do?"

A life of writing begins.

Chapter 30
"Word Nerd"

Put noun against verb to
blow something up. Repeat.

Oh, and a kangaroo.

Chapter 31
"Cheating Death in Cars, 2"

Skid, bang, boom.

Chapter 32
"Career of Fear"

Advertising, public relations, and
other assorted nonsense.
(But it paid well.)

Chapter 33
"Professor G"

Yup, me in front of the class
instead of in the corner.

Chapter 34

Love and marriage
don't always go together

Chapter 35
"Little Humanity"

Birth may be the death of you.

Chapter 36
"The Kid"

Being the adventures of an
inquisative child. ("Put down the
electric saw.")

Chapter 37

Endings that stay with you.

Chapter 38
"Outrageous Behavior"


Chapter 39

Seeing boxing at the Forum with
my hairdresser.

Chapter 40
"Touched Off"

Flashback to the molestation
by a priest.

Chapter 41
"Perfectly Poetic Poisons"

Everybody uses some drugs.

Chapter 42
"True Friends, Few Friends"

Definition of friendship
(do you measure up?)

Chapter 43
"The Others"

Unexplainable phenomena.

Chapter 44
"Assignment: Weirdsville"

I've had some very strange clients.

Chapter 45
"Strife of the Party"

Throwing a big bash.

Chapter 46
"Wording for a Living"

Some stuff I've done under
many different names.

Chapter 47
"Say What?"

A 'tell all' interview.

Chapter 48

We are all made of...

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