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"Some guy who writes stuff."

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John Scott G is a self-confessed scripturient. (That's someone with a passionate and burning desire to write. Or maybe it's someone who likes to have sex on top of bibles.)

As 'Gerald Laurence,' he has written the screenplay to 'Final Approach' (Trimark Pictures 1992), 'The Ego Diet' (Oak Tree Press, 1987) and the novel 'One Bang-Up Job' (Berkley Books, 1989).

JSG has written songs with Merle Haggard, Jonny Harmonic, Scott Joss, Doug Colosio, Danielle Egnew, James Sotelo, DJ Insane, and others.

Bio from a while ago:

For three decades, Mr. G wrote advertising and public relations for some of the biggest, smallest, and in-betweenest companies in the English-speaking world. Yes, you can blame him for far too many TV commercials, radio commercials, print ads, brochures, press releases, speeches, ghost-written articles and books, and much too much online effluvium.

"I was a flack, a hack, a scribe, a scrivener, an ink-slinger and pixel-pusher for hire," he admits. "It was good training for a writer and had the fortunate result of keeping me under a roof and in proximity with sustenance." But today, JSG is a new person. "I am a new person!" he states. Oh wait, we covered that. Okay, he's an independent author who still loves those quaint items called books.

Somewhere along the way, he wrote a number of plays, including "Partial Eclipse" (California Repertory Theater), "Secret Sex" (Basement Theater), and "White Light White Heat" (Open Fist Theater).


John Scott tests the mic by saying, "G, Man." Then he turns to you and says, "Hiya!"

John Scott G

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