Area Code 666
A mega-novel

Lucifer narrates this twisted tale of devils
who come to earth to observe, infiltrate,
tempt, meddle, and wreak havoc.

Please enjoy the nightmares...

PART ONE: Chapters 1-2-3
Alma says, "You will burn."

PART TWO: Chapters 4-5-6
The altar is draped in blood.
PART THREE: Chapters 7-8-9
"He. Is. Here."
PART FOUR: Chapters 10-11-12
An angel loses one of its wings. "Ker-plop."
PART FIVE: Chapters 13-14-15
Webcams are watching.

It's not too late to stop!

PART SIX: Chapters 16-17-18

Taboo Tableau graphics from Part 6
And an interview with the son of Lucifer.
PART SEVEN: Chapters 19-20-21

Paintings by "the pi killer" from Part 7
Lucifer's entities are watching you.
PART EIGHT: Chapters 22-23-24

Punk Poetry/Bible Outrage graphics from Part 8
They kissed and somewhere out in space,
a star exploded.
PART NINE: Chapters 25-26-27

Paintings by the copycat killer from Part 9
Mingle among the inmates of
the asylum of Creedmoor.
PART TEN: Chapters 28-29-30
Alma writes "The United States of Confusion:
Asylum of the Sane."
PART ELEVEN: Chapters 31-32-33
Lucifer's entities take on human form.
PART TWELVE: Chapters 34-35-36

Aura Images from Part 12
"The man began screaming."
PART THIRTEEN: Chapters 37-42
"I get so excited when you tie me up."
PART FOURTEEN: Chapters 43-48

Artwork commented on by the son of Lucifer in Part 14
Also: Lord Lucifer's Helpful Hints for the Internet.
PART FIFTEEN: Chapters 49-54

Codeman's message from Part 15
Plus: Lucifer's entities visit Las Vegas.
PART SIXTEEN: Chapters 55-60
The "toys" from Hutch's Live: Death Tour
Alma begins teaching a literature course.
PART SEVENTEEN: Chapters 61-66

Creedmoor Art Fair images
(and Dr. True's New Rorschach Test)

Also: one of Satan's entities learns about the
new data-driven advertising industry.
PART EIGHTEEN: Chapters 67-72
Zan visits the Pentagon.
PART NINETEEN: Chapters 73-78

Cracked actor images
Zan goes to church.
PART TWENTY: Chapters 79-84

The Epistemology of Pain
The exploration of sensuality begins.

PART TWENTY-ONE: Chapters 85-90

The "eye" images
Every now and then, things
get a little "illegally touchy-feely!"

PART TWENTY-TWO: Chapters 91-96

Forbidden images

Distorted (Coded?) Maps

PART TWENTY-THREE: Chapters 97-102

Images for The Hollerith Cypher

PART TWENTY-FOUR: Chapters 103-108

More forbidden imagery

PART TWENTY-FIVE: Chapters 109-114

Images: "Layers"

PART TWENTY-SIX: Chapters 115-120
A Halloween Divertissement

PART TWENTY-SEVEN: Chapters 121-126
Adam demonstrates his truth serum

PART TWENTY-EIGHT: Chapters 127-132
Overheard conversation:
"Man, I'd like to rape Taylor Swift."

PART TWENTY-NINE: Chapters 133-138

PART THIRTY: Chapters 139-144

PART THIRTY-ONE: Chapters 145-150

PART THIRTY-TWO: Chapters 151-156

Group Show

PART THIRTY-THREE: Chapters 157-162

PART THIRTY-FOUR: Chapters 163-168

PART THIRTY-FIVE: Chapters 169-174

Gallery exhibition: "Flag"

PART THIRTY-SIX: Chapters 175-180

Gallery exhibition: "Stories"

Video: "Acid Bath Photographs, 1"

PART THIRTY-SEVEN: Chapters 181-186
Happy Halloween, everybody!

PART THIRTY-EIGHT: Chapters 187-192
Video of "Evolution Destiny"

PART THIRTY-NINE: Chapters 193-198

PART FORTY: Chapters 199-204
With the Happy 'Helloween' chapter

PART FORTY-ONE: Chapters 205-210
Includes the definition of a "teaser bra"


John Scott G is the author of: Secret Sex (autobiographical novel), Ambient Deviant Speedmetal Polka (music criticism), and Dictionary Tomorrow (dictionary, duh).

He is a columnist for the online magazine:

Writing as "Gerald Laurence," he is the author of One Bang-Up Job (novel), Partial Eclipse (play), The Ego Diet (personal health book), and co-writer of "Final Approach"
(motion picture).

John Scott G