Ambient Deviant Speedmetal Polka

Describing music is impossible,
but in these chapters we'll see
how close I can come to pulling it off.

Chapter 1: Earplugs & Loose Shoes

Chapter 2: Jeff Beck & Jennifer Batten

Chapter 3: Front Line Assembly

Chapter 4: Buckethead

Chapter 5: The Toledo Show

Chapter 6: Rob Kendt

Chapter 7: Debby Holiday

Chapter 8: Powder

Chapter 9: Cecilia Noel

Chapter 10: Velvet Chain

Chapter 11: Tom Chaffee

Chapter 12: Allan Holdsworth, Daniel Cartier,
Burgandy, Marcel, Docter

Chapter 13: The Otterpops

Chapter 14: Nancy Luca, Average Johnsons,
E.G. Daily, Original DP

Chapter 15: Larisa Stow, Chris Pierce,
Jillian Speer, Dakota Moon, Shannon Moore

Chapter 16: Rakit, Soul Friction, Organik, EYE

Chapter 17: Nica's Dream, Eddie Cunningham,
Golden Ticket

Chapter 18: Gary Myrick, Wendie Colter, Jenna,
Mara, Fran Lucci, Denise, Brett Garsed, Freebo

Chapter 19: The Untouchables,
Tupelo Chain Sex

Chapter 20: Sonia Dada, Jive-n-Direct,
Lenna, Susan Sheller

Chapter 21: Joe Satriani

Chapter 22: Buddy Guy

Chapter 23: Carl Verheyen

Chapter 24: Stone, John Lee Hooker



John Scott G is the author of:
Secret Sex (autobiographical novel)
Area Code 666 (devilish novel)
Dictionary Tomorrow (dictionary, duh)

He is a columnist for the online magazines and

Writing as "Gerald Laurence," he is the author of One Bang-Up Job (novel), Partial Eclipse (play), The Ego Diet (personal health book), and co-writer of "Final Approach"
(motion picture).

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