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Secret Sex
Autobiographical novel

A new chapter of the novel, "Secret Sex, appeared each weekend on eNewsChannels. You can read about it here or jump right into Chapter One - either way, I hope you'll join me on this journey!

Area Code 666
An "omni-novel"

Devils. Entities. Deception. Sin. Sex. Insanity. Fun! You can start reading here. (Or check out the Table of Contents here.)

Jonny Harmonic's
"We All Love Bright Shiny Things"

John Scott G writes and produces the Jonny Harmonic album, "We All Love Bright Shiny Things."

James Sotelo's
"Blast of Fast"

James Sotelo's "Blast of Fast" album produced and co-written by John Scott G


What words will mean

Definitions of words as they will be in the future! Read 'em and weep. Or laugh. Plus, suggest new ones, Check it out here.


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